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About Hemi

We give local artists of all disciplines the chance to exhibit and perform on stage. Music, comedy, cinema and visual arts. Local beer and wicked cocktails at affordable prices.

Beer, Wine 

A Wicked Happy Hour! A selection of local beers, in bottles and on tap. Shots and Cocktails of the day.

HOT! Live 

SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS!!! Punk, Rock, Metal, Indie, Stand up Comedy, and the occasional Noise event to kind of round it out. Makes our world go around. Honestly, we couldn't name all of the genres if we tried.

An Interactive
Fever Dream 

Many say your bartender is your psychiatrist, but here at L'Hemisphere, we offer full-service therapy! Open Mic/Jam nights, Quiz nights, Trasheoke, Improv, Board Games, Pinball, Billiards and various distractions for your mental health.


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